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Welcome to Pinnacle Welding and Safety

Pinnacle Welding and Safety was founded in 2013.

The fastest-growing welding and safety manufacturing company in South Africa. Pinnacle provides overall wholesale welding and safety products, solutions, services, training, and technical support.

Headquartered in Johannesburg and branches in Durban and Cape Town as well as agencies throughout all main cities in South Africa and SADC. You can be sure to find us.

Pinnacle acquired Chisa Welding electrodes manufacturing plant in 2017, and has workwear factories in Durban, Johannesburg and Eswatini.

Pinnacle Welding and Safety product brands include PINNACLE, CHISA, RILAND, which combine superior quality and best values, most of the products conform to SABS, ISO9001, CE, and EN Standards.

Pinnacle products are widely used in engineering, mining, shipbuilding, agriculture, automotive, construction, petrochemical, DIY chain, food industries and many more.

Our Vision

To provide you with comprehensive integrated welding and safety products and turnkey solutions to all industries.

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