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Pinnacle Replacement Lens (108x51mm)

  • Quality Replacement Lenses
  • Fits Standard Flip Front Welding Helmet
  • Protects From UV and Infrared Rays
  • Size: 108mm x 51mm
  • Available Shades 8 to 12
  • Clear Glass & Clear Plastic also Available
  • Min Order Qty 100pcs Boxed


Pinnacle Replacement Lens (108x51mm)

The Pinnacle Replacement Lens (108x51mm) is a high-quality, durable lens designed for welding helmets and face shields. It offers clear visibility and excellent protection against welding sparks, spatter, and harmful UV/IR radiation. This replacement lens ensures prolonged helmet usability and enhanced safety for welders in various industrial and workshop environments.



DownloadPinnacle Replacement Lens (108x51mm) Datasheet