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Pinnacle Toolset 86Pcs – Metal Case

  • Perfect for the DIYer & Homeowner
  • Compact, makes it easy to store away
  • 5-Tier Metal Box Case
  • Chrome Vanadium
  • 86pcs Toolset


Pinnacle Toolset 86Pcs – Metal Case

Elevate your workshop with the Pinnacle 86-piece toolset, elegantly housed in a sturdy 5-tier metal toolbox. Crafted for durability and organization, this comprehensive set includes a diverse range of essential tools for professional and DIY projects alike. With its convenient five-tier design, accessing the right tool is effortless, making every task a breeze.

Ratchet Handles 2pcs 1/2″ / 1/4″
1/2″ Sockets 17pcs Size: 8 – 27mm
1/2″ Extension Bar 2pcs 5″ / 10″
3-Way Adapter 1pcs
1/2″ Universal Joint 1pcs
1/4″ Sockets 12pcs Size: 4 – 13mm
1/4″ 25mm Bits 6pcs PH1 / PH2 / PZ1 / PZ2 / SL4 / SL5.5
1/4″ Extension Bar 1pcs 4″
1/4″ Spinner Handle 1pcs Size: 150mm
Utility Knife 1pcs
Knife Blades 10pcs
Combination Plier 1pcs Size: 155mm
Longe Nose Plier 1pcs Size: 155mm
Measuring Tape 1pcs Size: 3m
Screwdriver 5pcs SL5″ 75 / SL6″ 100 / SL8″ 150 / PH1″ 75 / PH2″ 100
D4 Grove Joint Pliers 1pcs Size: 150mm
Hex Keys 9pcs Size: 1.5 – 10mm
Combination Wrench 11pcs Size: 8 – 19mm



DownloadPinnacle 86pcs Metal Tool Box Set Datasheet