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RILAND CUT 100NA Plasma Cutter

  • Compressor inside
  • CUT and MMA dual function
  • Quality cut up to 20/30mm thickness, max cut up to 35/40mm thickness
  • Non-stop welding for 3.2 and 4mm electrodes
  • 2T/4T, gas purge and gas source function select-able
  • Post-flow adjustable
  • Easy ARC ignition
  • Tri-proof air duct design


RILAND CUT 100NA Plasma Cutter

Upgrade your metalworking capabilities with the Riland CUT100NA Plasma Cutter. Experience the convenience of its built-in compressor, the versatility of dual-functionality, and the precision of high-quality cutting. Whether you’re working on thin or thick carbon steel, this machine delivers exceptional results. With non-stop welding capabilities, adjustable features, and a smooth cutting surface, it’s the ultimate tool for professionals like you. Invest in the Riland CUT100NA and unlock new possibilities in your metalworking journey.


Rated Input Voltage 380V + – 15%
Rated Frequency 50 / 60
Rated Input Current CUT: 23A @ 10A | MMA: 17.3A @ 280A
Output Current Range CUT: 25 – 100A | MMA: 100-280A
Output Voltage Range CUT: 108-120V | MMA: 27.2-31.2V
Duty Cycle (40’C) 40%
Weight 55.5KG
No Load Voltage CUT: 270V | MMA: 67V



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User Manual

User GuideRILAND CUT 100NA Plasma CutterUser Manual