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RILAND MIG 500GF MIG/MMA Welding Machine

  • Advanced IGBT inverter device.
  • Infinite voltage control with optimized starting performance.
  • Inductance control for arc stability and spatter control.
  • Digital Meters – Voltage and amperage.
  • Intelligent protection: over-current, over-voltage, over heating protection.
  • Wire size and type selection, helping you match the welding parameters quickly.


RILAND MIG 500GF MIG/MMA Welding Machine

The Riland MIG 500GF is a powerful welding machine that supports both MIG and MMA welding processes. It is designed for heavy-duty industrial and professional welding applications, offering high performance and durability.


Rated Input Voltage V 380V+-15%
Rated Frequency Hz 50 / 60
Rated Input Current A 31.2A 31.8A
Output Current Range A 60-450A 60-450A
Output Voltage Range V 17-36.5V 22.4-38V
Duty Cycle (40°) % 40% 40%
Power Factor 0.93
No Load Voltage V 61V
Efficiency % 85%
Wire Size mm 0.8-1.2mm
Wire Feeder Type Separated
Insulation Class F
Protection Class IP IP21




DownloadRILAND MIG 500GF MIG/MMA Welding Machine Datasheet


User GuideRILAND MIG 500GF MIG/MMA Welding Machine User Manual