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RILAND MMA 202GDM MMA/TIG Welding Machine

  • 190Amp 230v 50/60Hz
  • MMA Welding
  • LIFT TIG Welding
  • MCU Built-in
  • Self Adaptive ARC Force and  Adjustable Hot Start build-in
  • Anti-Sticking
  • Adjustable VRD


RILAND MMA 202GDM MMA/TIG Welding Machine

The Riland MMA 202GDM MMA/TIG Welding machine is a 190Amp digital industrial MMA/TIG welder that offers non-stop welding for 2.5mm and 3.0mm and can go to the 4.0mm welding electrodes. The cooling fan is configured for advanced silent, only coming on when needed reducing the noise and an added benefit of this is that it reduces the dust intake into the machine, extending the welder’s lifespan. With an MCU built-in and adjustable VRD.


Input Voltage V 230V +- 10%
Input Voltage Frequency Hz 50/60Hz
Output Current A 190A 95A 190A 95A
Output Voltage V 27.6V 23.8V 17.6V 13.8V
Duty Cycle (40’C) % 25% 100% 25% 100%
AMPS Input at Rated Output A 38.7A @ 190A 24.7A @ 190A
Output Range A 40-190A 10-190A
No-Load Voltage V 64V/16V(VRD) 64V/16V(VRD)
Dimensions mm 288 x 126 x 234mm
Weight kg 4.3kg



DownloadRILAND MMA 202GDM MMA/TIG Welding Machine Datasheet


User GuideRILAND MMA 202GDM MMA/TIG Welding Machine User Manual