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RILAND MMA 400G MMA Welding Machine

  • 380Amp 380v 50/60Hz
  • MMA Welding
  • ARC Gouging Welding
  • IGBT Technology
  • Self Adaptive ARC Force and  Adjustable Hot Start build-in
  • Anti-Sticking
  • Adjustable VRD


RILAND MMA 400G MMA Welding Machine

The Riland MMA 400G MMA Welding Machine is a robust welding device with a power output of 380 Amps. It is versatile, supporting various electrode types, and is highly recommended for use with 5.0mm welding electrodes. The machine is equipped with a Tri-Proof Air Duct System, which not only improves cooling but also provides protection against the entry of foreign particles.


Input Voltage V 380V +- 10%
Input Voltage Frequency Hz 50/60Hz
Output Current A 380A 253A
Output Voltage V 35.2V 30.1V
Duty Cycle (40’C) % 40% 100%
AMPS Input at Rated Output A 27.7A @ 380A
Output Range A 40-380A
No-Load Voltage V 62V
Dimensions mm 485 x 234 x 425mm
Weight kg 22kg



DownloadRILAND MMA 400G MMA Welding Machine Datasheet


User GuideRILAND MMA 400G MMA Welding Machine User Manual