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RILAND TIG 315PAC/DC TIG/MMA Welding Machine

  • AC/DC Selectable, 2T/4T
  • 2T/4T Functionality.
  • Post-Gas Adjustability.
  • Down-Slope adjustable.
  • Pulse frequency and pulse width adjustable.
  • AC balance adjustable.
  • Arc-striking current and arc-extinction current adjustable.


RILAND TIG 315PAC/DC TIG/MMA Welding Machine

The RILAND TIG 315PAC/DC is a versatile welding machine capable of both TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding processes in both AC and DC modes. It’s designed for professional welding applications, offering precise control, advanced features like pulse welding, and compatibility with a wide range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.


Rated Input Voltage V AC 380V +- 15%
Rated Frequency HZ 50/60
Rated Input Current A 17.2A 15.5A
Output Current Range A 12-300A 15-240A
Output Current /Voltage/Duty Cycle 20-60% 300A / 22V 240A / 29.6V
Output Current /Voltage/Duty Cycle 100% 230A / 19.2V 220A / 28.8V
No Load Voltage V 62V
Dimensions mm 609 x 332 x 622mm
Weight kg 38kg



DownloadRILAND TIG 315PAC/DC TIG/MMA Welding Machine Datasheet


User Guide RILAND TIG 315PAC/DC TIG/MMA Welding Machine User Manual