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RILAND TITANS 500DP MIG/MMA/TIG/Gouge Welding Machine

  • Automatic standby sleep function, reduce 30w loss.
  • VRD, VRD open in MMA welding processing, the open current voltage is reduced to 8.5V (+-10%).
  • Low Voltage/high voltage auto protection.
  • Manual or automatic fan sleep mode.
  • Anti stick function in MMA.
  • Phase-loss auto protect.
  • Auto protect for over-freq by power grid.


RILAND TITANS 500DP MIG/MMA/TIG/Gouge Welding Machine

The Riland Titans 500DP is a versatile welding machine capable of MIG, MMA, TIG, and gouging welding processes. It offers flexibility for various welding applications and is designed to provide reliable performance across different welding techniques.


Rated Input Voltage V 380V+-15%
Rated Frequency Hz 50 / 60
Welding Current A 20A/15V | 500A/40V
Main Power Insurance / 400V A 35A
Duty Cycle 60% A 500A
Duty Cycle 100% A 400A
Open Circuit Voltage V 92.2V
Wire Size mm 1.0-1.6m
Wire Feeder Type External
Dimensions mm 740mm x 350mm 430mm
Weight kg 50kg



DownloadRILAND TITANS 500DP MIG/MMA/TIG/Gouge Welding Machine Datasheet


User GuideRILAND TITANS 500DP MIG/MMA/TIG/Gouge Welding Machine User Manual