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Rilon ARC 400G MMA Welding Machine

  • 400 Amp 380v 50/60Hz
  • Advance IGBT Technology
  • MMA Welding Machine
  • VRD Function.
  • ARC Force, Hot Start and Anti-Sticking build-in.
  • Dust free cooling system.
  • Wide range of input voltage.


Rilon ARC 400G MMA Welding Machine

The Rilon ARC 400G, a welding powerhouse equipped with state-of-the-art features such as IGBT technology, VRD (Voltage Reduction Device), ARC Force, Anti-Sticking, and Hot Start. This welding machine redefines precision and control, offering an unparalleled welding experience. With IGBT enhancing efficiency, VRD ensuring safety, ARC Force optimizing performance, and features like Anti-Sticking and Hot Start providing ease of use, the Rilon ARC 400G is your gateway to seamless, high-quality welding.


Rated Input Voltage V 380V +- 15%
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60Hz
Rated Input Current A 27.6A
Output Current Range A 40-400A
Duty Cycle (40’C) % 60%
Power Factor 0.93
No-Load Voltage V 68V
Effiency % 85%
Electrode Size: mm 1.6 – 4.0mm
Insulation Class F
Protection Class IP IP21I



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User Manual

User GuideRilon ARC 400G MMA Welding Machine User Manual