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Pinnacle WAK CAMO Welding Machine

  • Inverter Power Source
  • 1.5m Electrode Holder & Cable
  • 1.2m Earth Clamp & Cable
  • Modern Camouflage design
  • Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel welding
  • Arc Force, Hot Start, Digital Display


Pinnacle WAK CAMO Welding Machine

The Pinnacle WAK CAMO Welding Machine is a compact and portable welding machine designed for various welding applications. It features a camouflage design, making it visually appealing for users who appreciate style along with functionality. This machine is known for its reliability, ease of use, and versatility, making it suitable for both professionals and hobbyists. It offers precise welding control and is compatible with a range of electrodes, allowing for efficient welding of different metals.


Rated Input Voltage V AC 220V +- 15%
Rated Frequency HZ 50/60
Rated Input Power Capactiy KVA 6.5
Rated Input Current A 48A
Welding Current Range A 20-200A
Output No-Load Voltage V 65V
Rated Duty Cycle % 60% @ 200
Welding Electrode Size mm 2.5/4.0
Weight kg 8
Dimensions mm 360 X 160 X 212




DownloadPinnacle WAK CAMO Welding Machine Datasheet


User Guide Pinnacle WAK CAMO Welding Machine User Manual